Let the Fury (Flurry?) Unleash! Project: Treadmill Desk

Today marked the first day of Project: Treadmill Desk.  I acquired a treadmill today, a Pro-Form DL of some unknown year.  It has rudimentary controls, but it will tell me my time, speed, distance and calories burned.

The treadmill is situated to the left of my sitting desk (I really have to make that distinction now, don't I?).  I have installed an 18" shelf to hold my laptop and I intend on installing another one above it to hold a 24" monitor.  I still need to figure out how best to run power to the computing equipment, so there may be another shelf installed as an intermediary between the floor and everything else.

So far, I've walked for roughly 40 minutes at a pace of ~2.5 MPH, gaining me 1.69 miles walked.  I have a board set up on the arm rests to hold my keyboard and trackpad.  I quickly realized that resting my hands on this negated my step count on my FitBit, so I will probably begin putting it in my pocket when I'm on the treadmill desk.

Of all the distance I've walked, about half of it has been at max incline.  This is sweaty-making business.  I can see that if I really want to continue this, I'm going to need to get some good workout clothing.  I will also likely need to invest in some good shoes, but for tonight I'm walking barefoot.

I have a good set of noise-canceling headphones, so I don't notice the whine of the treadmill much, but it's not quiet.  I'm not sure this is appropriate for an office environment.  Since I work at home, this is not a big deal, though I may crank the A/C down and freeze the rest of the house...

I've been writing this blog post and doing some light iOS development work for the past hour or so.  Keeping accurate on my keyboard isn't too much of a challenge.  Keeping track of my laptop, though, is another matter.  My head is bobbing back and forth enough that it makes focusing a bit difficult.  Of course, the time (11:30 pm) and the few beers I have had may be contributing.  We'll see tomorrow.

I'm going to be keeping a log of each day, which I may share soon.  I'd like to flesh it out before I make it public.

All in all, I'm quite excited about what this may entail for my health.  My goal is to get down to 180 lbs, which is a drop of ~40 from the ~220 lbs I am right now.  I figure that walking at least 5 miles a day will help with this.

I'll check back in soon.  In the meantime, you all have a good night.

Signing off at 50 minutes, 2.18 miles walked.