The Go List


I like to go, and I like to take my family with me.  Nothing can be more fun than taking the entire family out for a memory making day.  

This past weekend, we went to First Landing park, walked the trails, then hit the beach at the narrows.  One of the best parts about the trip this weekend?  Besides all of the fun, giggles, squeals and joy, was the base price:  $5 for parking.

But, as it turns out, finding relatively inexpensive ways to make memories with the family can be difficult.  For me, taking the time to think, on the spot, about what to do without going back to the old standbys, can be tough.

This weekend, though, I came up with a great idea: The Go List.  Each day, I'm going to endeavor to write down one inexpensive family trip that I can take, one place we can all go, for less than $20.  The idea is that, when it comes time to take the family somewhere fun, I can just scan the list I've already come up with and pick one of the pre-thought-out ideas.

Here's a picture I took this weekend.  Hopefully there will be many more to come!