Back in the Saddle (cause I'm a Cowboy)

Today I started back on the treadmill after two weeks off and it was awesome.  I'll tell you what, I had really missed it.  The day absolutely flew by and just felt more productive.  Before I knew it, I had knocked out my self-assigned task list for the day and I was diving into tomorrow's. I didn't push it hard and only logged 6 miles, but my leg held up well without any real twinges or problems.  I'll keep at about the same thing tomorrow so as to ease back into things.

I still haven't fully decided, but I may add back in some incline in August.  It's a great way to up the calorie burn.  But this time, instead of going at it for 7 miles in the first day, I'll probably log half miles at a stretch.  But slowly, ease into it.  For the time being, it'll be important to just work my muscles back into shape.

So, all in all, a great day.