Well, the Ugly Duckling Too can fly!

But she's pretty unstable in the air, or perhaps I should say on take-off.

All of my props are not lighting off at the same time and this is causing take-offs to be... this way or that!

This was her last flight yesterday.  When I took off, the aft props lit off with much more thrust than the front.  That threw her forward fast.  She was hurtling for the soccer goal, and with horror in my mind about cutting a drone out of a soccer goal, I threw the stick back.  That stood her on her tail (after being basically on her nose).  I reduced throttle and that dropped her to the ground.

She broke both her rear props and with no replacements that was the end of the day for flying.

There seems to be some kind of setting in the KK2 board for this, but I haven't messed with it too much.  I will today!

All in all, I had 5 flights yesterday, albeit brief, and the only thing I lost were some props.  I consider that a success.