SUCCESS! Complete Air Worthiness

I finally got it!  The last piece of the puzzle was that I had the rear motors with reversed spin and reversed rotors.  Once I got those motors set up correctly, she took off and landed on my test flight like a dream.

Then, I snagged a few minutes to run up to the local school and shot three videos.  This was the last, once I had mastered some of the touch on the controller.

There's still a lot of room for improvement.  For instance, all of my flights were with auto-level on.  Smart, at first, but you can do acrobatics if you don't have that on.  The great thing about these motors is that they should be able to turn this sized quad over (and back right-side) without an issue.

Keep your eyes peeled.  I've got some plans for some panoramic shots, as well as a few attempts at stunts.