Things I Learned Today

I learned some valuable things today.

First, I learned that RF interference can be a real thing and can cause random "dead spots".  I experienced this today as I had a complete white-out in the same area of a field twice, both times causing a crash.  Hard to fly when you can't see.

I learned that Xiaomi Yi's can be broken.  Badly.  And yet still take great video.  Seriously, this thing has no right to still be going and yet it's taking great video.  Granted, I now need tweezers to get out the SD card and there's a bit of a gap where the case used to snap together...  But hey!  It still works.

I learned the value of grounding.  I managed to fry my flight controller.  I'm not sure how, really.  I had a gnarly crash and the FC just went away.  When I plugged it directly in to the computer the blue light that indicates "aliveness" was gone.  Poor FC.

I learned that there are other racers around here.  I will get to know them.  I will learn.