On Apple Removing the Headphone Jack

OK, there's a ton of hulabaloo going around about Apple removing the headphone jack.  Some say it's good, some say it's bad, some don't care, some say it's a money grab.

Let's get pragmatic.

I build drones.  As a matter of fact, I build on a Neato 180 currently, which is a relatively tiny frame, 180mm from tip to tip across the X.  There's not a lot of space.  


The build I'm in the middle of right now is taxing my abilities as a (relatively novice) solderer to cram all of the electronic components into the frame.  There are 5 major parts to the build: the power distribution board; the flight controller; the video transmitter array; the FPV camera; and the receiver for my controller.

It's that receiver that's causing me heartburn.  It's not big, but it's a fully digital controller.  It provides 16 channels of input from my Taranis X9D controller.  That's actually going to be important to my plans.

You know what I'm doing right now?  I'm deconstructing it.  I'm taking off those pins you see on the front and I'm going to direct solder my signal wire into the Rx and the flight controller.  There should be 8 pins in that picture, but I've already taken off 2.

That extra space from removing those pins?  It's going to make the whole frame fit together better.  Or, even, fit together.

Those pins are smaller than a headphone jack.  In fact, the headphone jack takes up about as much as 4 of those pins stacked 2 on 2.  That's a lot of space.

Now, my electronics are most definitely designed at a larger scale than Apple's.  Apple may be down to 14 nm dies, but at most 22 nm dies.  That's exceptionally tiny.

Do you know what you can fit inside the space of a headphone jack with 14 or 22 nm dies?  A whole hell of a lot.  (That nm stands for Nano Meters, smaller than most microscopes can see).

So, when Apple says they needed that space, I believe them.  I'm voiding a warranty and making my build less robust in order to fit things in a smaller package.  I get it.

It's not about money, it's not about killing things that need killing.  It's about space.