26: Neato Frames: Mexican Coke, HawaiiBalls and Steve

Today we invited Neato Frames out to the NEW cabin in the Virginia woods to talk about all things drones, what it's like to bootstrap a business in such a competitive industry and where the world is going in terms of quad racing.

Nichy Zuhoski is the designer of the frames and also a bit of a mad drone scientist!  You can find him as @nichyneato on Instagram.

Justin (aka Steve) Skinner is the man behind the man and also the crazy enough to powerloop Jesus.  You can find him as @itwillbefun.fpv on Instagram or itwillbefun on YouTube.

Mike's broken 180

When you break something, break it right!

When you break something, break it right!

Mike crashes a drone into his forehead

Quantum Goggles with Pantyhose...

Hey baby, how you doin'?

Hey baby, how you doin'?

Hawaiiballs by FinalGlideAU

Justin Powerlooping Jesus

Chewbacca was the safe word...

18: CRAZY Data Science

Data Science on Wikipedia

Data Science Name Controversy by Revolutions

Aardvark Search Engine on Wikipedia

Magic 8 Ball (sort of)

Feature Selection on Wikipedia

Data Science vs. Statistics by Hadley Wickham

Data Lake (top Google hit!)

Data Exhaust ('ware the ads, they are horrible!) on techopedia

Beer and Diapers (please don't confuse these two...)

Police Bitcoin Ransom (don't click the PDF, dude...)

Selfie Stick Bans




17: 3D Printing and Fusion Cheese Fabrication

Hardware Hacking and Insensitive Stereotypes

In this week's episode, we talk about hacking hardware.  We are also given a view into Sean's insensitive cultural stereotypes, but it's cool, he's rigging a hardware hack as a cure!

We would like to thank @tinyKittensHQ, via @antwatkins, for sponsoring this week's show.  If you're looking for a daily dose of cute that you can take home with you, @tinyKittensHQ is the place for you.  And for total cuteness overload, try their livestream!

KK2.1.5 Board - Main Site, KK 2 Review

Digi-Key Catalog

Kids playing with circuits on YouTube!

Radio Shack CFO Resigns Amid Financial Woes by Maggie McGrath

Arduino - Home, Arduino Uno Starter Kit on Amazon

Raspberry PI - Home, On Amazon

Sean's Gloves of Infinite Touching by Sean Byrnes

Capacitive Sensing on Wikipedia

Maker Culture and Maker Faire on Wikipedia

Remus Lupin's "boggart" in Harry Potter on YouTube - You might be wondering why we're including this in the show notes.  The reason is simple, there are an enormous array of amazing things that can be made.  Our imaginations are only the limit.  Harry Potter, to a real degree, shows this off.  If you can imagine it, you can possibly make it.

Someone go make me a shapeshifting monster!

For instance, someone made a real life transformer!

Or, how about a bunch of robots playing soccer? WITH ANNOUNCERS!

Selentium Shell of Silence at CES via Jacob Kastrenakes

Drones: Every Step You Take, They'll Be Watching You

We would like to thank Edith's Harbaugh Haus for sponsoring this episode.  Serving the best of typical German fare, you will leave the Harbaugh Haus happy and sated.  Adorning the lake of Ohratalsperre near Gotha, Germany, it is simple to find and so delightfully wonderful, you'll come back all the time.

Mountain Rams and Drones 

Drone Price Points
DJI Phantom 2 Vision + On Amazon: $1099
Parrot Beebop On Apple: $499.95
Ghost Drone $599 (sans GoPro)

Drones covering the Olympics (watch the snow)

"Climbing China's Incredible Cliffs" by National Geographic

OpenROV: Underwater Exploration Robots

Andrew David Thaler:  Twitter; Southern Fried Scientist; On Motherboard

Black Sea Devil Angler Fish Footage

Build your own DIY Space Plane!

Iceland Eruptions by DJI

A Haunting Look at Chernobyl from theVerge.com

Dreams in Infrared: The Woes of an American Drone Operator by Nicola Abé from speigel.de

Kid turns $10k into $300k in High School from theVerge.com

Sony Hacks

Peter Fenton kills it!

Streaming and Why Mike Likes to Wear White Tights

In this week's episode, we discuss streaming, and how it is a truly ground breaking technology.  Not only has it made content on the internet available without having to download it first, but it is disrupting industries.

Sean goes on to discuss how he really, really wants to stream his operating system.  About that point, our stream goes down, which is great, and shows Sean that maybe we have a bit to go before we're ready to stream our OS.

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