Take the Gun Show on the Road in a Self-driving Car

In today's episode, we discuss the imminent rise of self-driving cars.  We also discuss Mike's habit of running around in the dark in a black, whole-body, radar absorbing body suit.  Lastly, Sean reveals his plans of taking his amazing gun show on the road in his new self-driving car.

Today's sponsor is Mr. Jones Spandex Bay Area Bicycle Tours.  Tour the bay area on a bike while listening to the witty tales of Mr. Jones.  If you ride well, you will receive an amazing prize at the end!

Mentioned in todays' episode is the startup Cruise, makers of self-driving car kits.  While Mike thinks they're pretty awesome, his wife would never get in one.  When asked if he could put one on their van, her response was "You're CRAZY! We have children!"

That's a real cabin in the Virginia woods

We weren't kidding.  Here's the actual* cabin we record the podcast in!  It's a bit drafty, and there's definitely a real "earthy" smell coming from the basement, but I'm telling you, the tech juices flow here.  The wooded air, the authentic location, these things remind us of how lucky we are to live in this technological society.

So, take heart folks, we are here to guide you, and we do so with the duality of our caveman/matrix existence in the forefront of our minds.

Many thanks to our friend Chris Hamilton for such a captivating shot!  Fine work.

Not pictured because our lawyer won't let us, the Still in the back

*Not the actual cabin